Balcony power plant


What is a Balcony Power Plant?

A balcony power plant is a small solar system that supplies private households with environmentally friendly solar power. Other terms for balcony power plant are small power plant, plug-in solar device, mini solar system, or mini PV system. In most cases, the balcony power plant installed on the balcony or terrace is used as a supportive energy source.

How Does a Balcony Power Plant Work?

In principle, a balcony power plant works similar to a traditional solar system. However, there are a few differences. The functionality can be illustrated based on the structure and the type of power generation.

Structure of a Balcony Power Plant

Depending on the power size, a balcony power plant consists of one or more solar modules.  With the help of the inverter, the generated AC is converted into DC.

Conventional photovoltaic systems for private residential buildings often use an energy storage system to consume even more self-generated PV electricity and thus increase energy efficiency. However, this is not useful for a balcony power plant. The system usually produces just enough electricity to power the electronic devices in the household. Also, from a financial point of view, the investment costs and optimization potential of an energy storage system are not in an attractive ratio.

How the Balcony Power Plant Generates Electricity

The solar modules of the balcony power plant consist of many small solar cells. These cells can convert sunlight into electricity. When sunlight hits the solar cell, electrons are excited in such a way that they move. There is an interaction between the incident sunlight and the doped semiconductor. Electrons are released. The current is conducted through metal contacts on both sides of the cell. The electricity is then provided to the house network via a cable. If the newly generated solar power can be consumed directly, no grid power is required, so the electricity meter stands still.

What Are the Uses and Mounting Options?

Due to the versatile applications, a balcony power plant is suitable for many households. For example, the tenant or owner of an apartment can place the balcony power plant on balcony railings, on the terrace, or in the garden.

Requirements and Hurdles

Can anyone actually set up a balcony power plant at home? What requirements must be met for a mini solar system to supply your household with solar power? Conveniently, the hurdles in this case are very low. You don't need much to operate a balcony power plant. The most important requirements for a balcony power plant are:

- Money for acquisition costs

- Space for suitable installation

- Power outlet for electricity use in the house network

If these requirements are met, you can probably easily order your individually tailored balcony power plant set and benefit from reliable solar power supply.

What Should I Consider with a Balcony Power Plant?

When purchasing a balcony power plant, there are several aspects to consider. Connection, orientation, inclination angle, price, performance, installation, and power supply should be taken into account in the planning stage. To avoid complications, performance degradation, suboptimal efficiency of the mini solar system, and even fines, it is worthwhile to obtain tips and information in advance.