Microinverters help photovoltaic companies go global


In recent years, the photovoltaic market has become increasingly popular, driving the development of the inverter industry. Microinverters are rapidly penetrating market segments due to their advantages such as high power density, simple installation and maintenance, strong safety, and convenient operation and maintenance.

In the current microinverter market, the development of domestic and foreign companies is extremely uneven. Faced with the current status and pain points of the industry, Inverters leverages more than ten years of experience and accumulation in the photovoltaic industry to help domestic photovoltaic companies go global.

The market for type inverters is expanding, and domestic companies are expected to break through

With the increase in household photovoltaic penetration and the establishment of safety standards on the DC side of power stations, micro-inverters with safer and more efficient characteristics are expected to be more widely used. According to estimates, the global microinverter market will exceed 45 billion yuan by 2025. At the same time, domestic microinverter manufacturers are expected to follow the path of domestic replacement of traditional inverter brands by relying on product cost performance and precise channel layout.



Give full play to the advantages of wireless products to help photovoltaic companies go global

Invertechs independent research and development team spend years to develop our products, ensure the quality of products. and our professional teams will provide customers with better clean energy solutions, better customer service.

Microinverters are widely used in household photovoltaic power generation systems such as residential roofs and courtyards due to their high cost performance, strong safety and easy operation. Their penetration rate in low-power household photovoltaic system application scenarios continues to increase. In the future, Invertechs will continue to leverage its product, technology, and service advantages to further expand application scenarios and help domestic enterprises go overseas.

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